Things that boost your testosterone naturally
Things that reduce your testosterone levels

Water, Estrogen and its negative effects

You may have heard the debate about whether Estrogen from The Pill stays in our water systems and cannot be got rid of. There were some experiments on animals that showed their male organs turning to female organs!
Whether you believe all the news and information is up to you. There are a growing number of people that stay away from tap water due to the high levels of Estrogen in it. It is advisable for you to drink mineral water as tap water in developed countries may well reduce Testosterone levels.

Stay away from alcohol

Sorry! You can justify it in your head any way you want such as “red wine is good for me” but the reality is that alcohol promotes Estrogen and reduces testosterone levels. If you want to make sure nothing is killing off your Testosterone levels then don’t drink any alcohol.

Cigarettes and drugs

Stay away from any recreational drugs and especially cigarettes. None of them help you with your quest for higher Testosterone levels. You should aim for a healthy and efficient body and cigarettes and drugs take you totally the other way.

Sedentary lifestyle kills off Testosterone levels

Be active. A sedentary lifestyle tells your body that you don’t want to be part of life and you don’t want any Testosterone to help you get motivated and go out there and “live”. When you tell your body this, are you surprised that your body is not interested in producing any Testosterone?
Exercise and go out there but make sure you don’t over do it.

Pay close attention to your stress levels and reduce them!

Stress kills off Testosterone – Period! If you are stressed, you can kiss Testosterone production goodbye. Try and reduce your stress levels by Yoga and meditation. Relax as much as you can. Take a break. Don’t live in the past or future. Live in the now and don’t let your mind worry about things that are out of your control. Take a good B-Vitamin complex to reduce stress levels.

Lack of sleep kills off Testosterone levels

If you are the sort that gets by with 4 hours sleep, then chances are your testosterone levels are low. Sure, you may get away with it for a while but as you age, if you don’t get sufficient sleep, you will find that your Testosterone levels will start dying off.

Some of the possible reasons behind loss of Testosterone and their solutions are below:

Pornography has been available in some shape or form for centuries. However, the recent advent of the internet has meant a totally new era with its own problems.

Male access to pornography via the internet has meant that more and more men prefer to spend time with their "computers" rather than their partners. For many men, the fantasy-figures they have ready access to are replacing real-life encounters with their partners.

Solution: Become aware of this as a problem and take steps to address it. Lock your computer room and give the key to your wife! Leave your laptop at work. Get rid of your home internet connection. "Detach" yourself from your computer.


Media portrayal
The media is constantly bombarding you with images and descriptions of the ideal body, even the ideal way sex should be performed. Some men begin to think less of their partners when compared to some popular females in the media, whether it is in looks or body.

Reading or watching acrobatic sex scenes or hearing about others performing all day sex sessions can put pressure on performance. A young college kid is almost certainly going to perform differently from a working male with a wife and several young kids. 

Solution: Don't get influenced. The women portrayed in the media are rare or at least not as "perfect" as your fantasy allows. They can still have imperfections, body hair, bad breath, fat, mood swings or whatever that turns you off! If you are with your partner voluntarily, then there must be things you like/love about them. Appreciate those things and remember that media images are not real life.

Also remember that chances are your next door neighbour/colleague/buddy is not having all day sex sessions and that you are somehow not living up to expectations. Live your life according to what makes "you" happy not what you think you should be doing.


Issues in your head
This encompasses many things. It can be trauma from childhood, recent problems/stress at work/home or just thoughts and ideas that have somehow got into your head.

Some men start developing resentment towards their partners which gets worse and becomes an unbreakable circle. Others have unresolved issues from past sexual (or lack of) experiences.

Solution: Seek help! Really. There is no shame in it. If you find that you cannot get a certain though out of your head then you need to seek help and resolve it. Help can be in the form of books, hypnosis sessions (or CDs/downloads), counselling or seeing a specialist. Talking with your partner is also very important. If they love you, then they will understand. If they don't understand and possible they don't care for you as much as you think, then maybe that is the problem. You need to talk about it. Don't hold it in.


Lifestyle and its effects
Lifestyle encompasses many things. You need to sit back and think what exactly can be affecting your libido. Too little sleep, too much work, kids, money problems, not relaxing and not taking time out for yourself can be a big problem.

Solution: Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep every night. If you can't, make some time for "catch up" sleep at the end of the week.
Talk to your partner to help you with chores and kids. Time management is a skill which can be learnt.

Issues with women
Many men are developing real "issues" with women. This is partly due to the change in women's roles in society and at work. Women have better jobs and better pay and many women are on the same level as men or higher. Some men have a real problem with this and they start getting an inferiority complex.

This is not the fault of women. It is your problem as a male and you need to deal with it. You are no less of a man if you come across a confident woman. You are no less of a man if your boss is a woman. You are no less of a man if your wife/partner demands more in the bedroom.

Solution: Find ways of dealing with your frustrations. Do something different and notice the effects. Change your defence mechanism (which probably arises from insecurity) to that of a more accommodating man. You will see great results. If you usually make sarcastic remakes to women, stop it. Make complimentary remarks and notice the difference. Ultimately you will feel better about yourself and this is critical for a boost in your libido.

Medications that kill libido
As well as recreational drugs discussed above, some medications can also have a negative effect on libido. Typically these are anti-depressants or blood pressure drugs.

Solution: Speak to your doctor. See what s/he can do for you. It may be that you may need some other medication to counteract the negative effects of other drugs.

Medical conditions
Certain medical conditions can affect your libido. Diabetes, obesity and thyroid problems are typical.

Solution: See your doctor. Many of these conditions can be helped. Don't suffer in silence. Something "can" be done. Have faith.

Break the pattern and enjoy
Remember libido is something that needs nurturing. The old adage of "use it or lose it" applies here. Learn to enjoy sex again. Touch, talk, caress and enjoy. Most importantly RELAX. Learn to relax and enjoy. Anxiety, tension and stress are real libido killers.

Sexual function is a natural response controlled by your sub-conscious. Don't "worry" about it. Then more you worry about it, the more it will become a problem. In times of stress and anxiety, the body shuts down its vital processes, including those of a sexual nature! So you see, you need to relax to enjoy sex.

Solution: Learn meditation, yoga, relaxation or anything that can help relieve anxiety.

Avoiding certain foods
Foods such as sugars, caffeine and fatty foods can kill libido and very often do!

Solution: You need to avoid saturated fats, refined sugars and excessive usage of caffeine. Tap water in many countries also contains estrogen. Avoid it. Drink bottled mineral water if you are not sure